As the title ever so succinctly states, hi. This is me, this is my little experiment. I’m doing my best to find a new way of expression, and I figure since my new pursuit is in the field of English, I will start with writing. I’m not sure what all I will write about, but I suspect this will just contain alot of my musings and daily thoughts as I pass through my college years.

Do you want to know about me? Sure you do! I’m 19. 19 years full of life. Travelling, exploring myself and culture, and learning alot about being a man along the way. I’m also happily in love. I am a hopeless romantic, and hopefully my girlfriend doesn’t hate me too much for it. Her name is Tori, and she’s pretty great. I have a great family. I have a set of parents who are doing their best to love each other and show us the model for a Biblical marriage, and I respect them for that. I also have a little (but extremely tall) brother who is as of today, a junior in high school. (I really feel old when I ride in a car that he drives.) There are many more people in my life who influence me, and at some point, I’ll mention them too. All of the people I’ve come in contact with have affected me in some way, and hopefully I can adequately portray those thoughts in these posts.

I will warn you in advance, I am a Bible-believing, Gospel-centered, and passionate Christ follower. I do not see this as a bad thing, and I am of the personal belief that deciding to follow Jesus was the best decision of my life. Jesus is a pretty cool dude, and you’ll hear alot about him in my future posts. The reason I bring this forward is because it needs to be obvious from the start that the Gospel and Christ are the lenses through which I see the world. I’ve found that some people are so very brutally offended by beliefs other than their own (which is bigoted in a whole different sense and I won’t discuss that today), so I thought it best to make you aware of the overarching theme of my life before you delve into my mind and my musings. Its a belief very close to me, and hopefully my words and thoughts are permeated by the Gospel.

Also. I like reading, music, art, and just about a million other things. I’ll probably spend lots of time writing reviews and thoughts on books, movies, and just about anything else I think is worth me writing on or you reading about. Is that okay? Let me know. I’m flexible. I just like expression in any form. Just another random thought, when I expressed my worldview in a previous paragraph, I did not seek to say that no one was welcome to read or comment on this blog. I welcome people who disagree with me, I hope that all enjoy reading these thoughts. If good conversation and critical thinking on today’s events can’t occur, then we as a country really are failing, arent we?

Friends, Romans, countrymen, or whoever ends up deciding to read this, I hope you enjoy it. I will do my absolute best to be clear and concise in my thoughts, and hopefully my grammar will not prove to be offensive or egregious in any way. I hope we can get to know each other fairly well, and maybe these posts will be uplifting, encouraging, and maybe even a little bit humorous. I hope that those of you who read these will hang on with me, because I think this is going to be one exciting ride.

Welcome to my thoughts. Welcome to my beliefs, my stories, my dreams, and my life.
Welcome to my blog.


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