My Summer Reading

Today is a day I would like to call “Jesse’s stream of consciousness day.” I have had a busy week, and today is the day that I am typing to organize my thoughts. lol. I hope that this post will hold some sense of continuity, but we will see.

So I have been reading alot this summer. I figure if I am going to be an English major, then I need to really dig in and read alot, just to get used to chomping up alot of pages and writing alot as well. Shockingly enough, the reading I’ve done has been remarkably beneficial to me so far! I’ve been challenged by the study I’ve completed.

One of the books I have been working through is Read the Bible for Life. The basic idea of this book is that there is an issue of poor Biblical literacy in the world today. The author of this book wanted to use it as a resource to help people understand how to read the Bible better, and how to better apply it to their lives. So far, this book is fascinating! Sometimes in my life, I really struggle with the issue of staying consistent in my Bble reading. I may lose track of time, but for the most part, I think the issue lies with me not being ready to read or understand the scripture in the book. It’s complicated, I understand, and I have to say this book has definitely given me a new perspective on the Bible and Biblical interpretation. I am looking at things in the Bible through new eyes, and already I am seeing the benefits of taking on this book. 

I want to share a portion of it with you in order to give you a taste of what I’ve read: in this chapter, the author is conversing with Professor Bruce Waltke on how to take in the Old Testament. This portion really hit me, and I hope it will be meaningful to you too: “…tension is absolutely essential to life. We grow and develop through tension. Our character is shaped by it. If God answered  our prayers immediately, relieving all of our tension in life, it would destroy us because we would see God as a tool to be used, like a genie in Aladdin’s lamp. We would become more selfish than we already are. By not rewarding virtue immediately, or punishing vice immediately, God develops our character. So tensions–living in a story in which there is a struggle between good and evil–are really necessary to our own development. In the same way,,, the tension we find in the Old Testament stories tells us something about how to live with tension in our own relationships with God.”

Fascinating stuff right? I agree. This book has challenged me endlessly. I’ve learned alot about reading the Bible, but as you can see from the quote above, there are several life lessons present in the book as well. I feel challenged and refreshed by this book, and i hope that some time you as readers will consider taking it on as well! It is very much worthwhile for religious or academic purposes in regards to studying the Bible. Read the Bible for Life is a wonderfully refreshing and very straight-forward set of methods for understanding scripture, and I hope it will prove to be worthwhile for any of you that take it up!

These studies have been good to me this summer. I am going to set my goal at finishing ten books in the next two months, and I hope you all will hold me to that! I also want to say thanks for reading. You are awesome.

Remember: No story is worth reading if it never has any tension. Hold on tight, when things get hard, the resolution becomes even more special.


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