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Wumbo. Because I couldn’t think of a cool blog title.

Blog time! So this week is homecoming week at ECU. What does that mean? I don’t know! I just got here. But I do plan to figure it out. I know there’s lots of pep rallies and food, and at some point, someone is playing football. I think. Isn’t that how this goes? Well. Anyways. I am writing this blog just because I can, I am struggling to come up with any rhyme or reason. So what is there to say? I had an idea to write a post about life, but nothing exciting is happening right now. I am just reading, writing papers, reading, hanging out with Tori, reading, and oh…did I mention I read alot? I have already read over 500 pages and written close to 40. Not even half way through the semester yet. Its been busy. And let me also say that this is not a humble brag, because let’s be honest. Who the heck brags about homework? I’m not that weird. Yet. I am just tired. I am loving life, and I feel like I am understanding my classes for the first time in a long time. If any of you would be interested in hearing about what I am learning or writing about, let me know! I have gobs of time to share it all via blog, Facebook, Twitter, Myspace (I just got it-how hipster of me! Well. No. Not really. That’s for a different post.), or any number of any methods. I am even willing to write letters. Just let me know friends! I love you all. Keep learning.


My Reading List So Far (Again, not a humble brag, just showing the amount I am assigned. I enjoy it.)

Beowulf : 256 pages

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: 237 pages

Pelican Shakespeare: The Sonnets: 208 pages

Mother Night: 288 pages

Randomly Assigned Readings: Over 60 pages

Three more books and a play to read!


Poems, Papers, and Peer Review. Oh my!

Hey guess what! I’m on a poetry frenzy. Today in Ethnic Literature, we did peer reviews. These are the days where other students are fully allowed to tear your paper up, and I hate the critiques on a pretty typical basis. lol. So. Here is my poem titled “Peer Review.”


I just wrote a darn good paper.
Lots of words, some fancy usage too.
I finished it this morning,
Now its time for peer review.
I pass it to the left,
Nerves well up inside, …
She looks at me and laughs,
I think I’m gonna die.

She handed back my paper
black and blue like Rocky after Apollo (the first time).
I slump back in my chair
“Yo Adrien! Yo Mickey!”
No luck.
I’m stuck.

Here I sit
in the corner with a bashed paper
and bashed dreams.
My peer review was finally over.
I left, my “darn good paper” and me,
I knew I could recover
as my heart filled with glee,

Its lunch time.

Another poem-maybe I’m getting the hang of this?

I was thinking about my girlfriend the other day, as our anniversary just passed. I thought I’d write. Here is another poem I am considering sending in for publication in the ECU literary magazine, please give your feedback! I am still getting the hang of the poetry thing:




I love her

I think of her all the time

The way she loves, the way she can make a moment out of a subtle


She means the world to me but I don’t think she’ll understand the gravity

of it all.

Her red like roses lips, her diamond-shiny smile…it’s all beautiful.

The way she laughs: not loud, not too soft…just as it should be.

A cacophony of melodies singing straight from her beautiful


This girl, she’s perfect.

Perfectly passionate about those less fortunate,

About a God who provides,

One whose love she reflects like the moon does the sun.

She is also perfectly


And that’s why I love her so very much.

She is wonderful, and just what I need.

And best of all



She loves me

Bolivar, the Bean, and some of my Best Buds. (Alliteration is fun!)

Well, life in Ada, Oklahoma is splendid. I am getting better grades, paying nothing for school, and loving spending time with the love of my life daily. Things are great. I will say though, there is one thing lacking from Ada. You wanna know what that is? Its in the title: The Bean. I love that coffee shop. I love the memories I made there with some of the best friends I will ever have. Here are three things that I will miss the most about The Bean 3:16 in Bolivar, MO:

1. Good coffee. Guys, I hate coffee. The Bean made me like coffee. Its weird. Their Hot Chocolate is splendid also, as you see in the picture I’ve so wonderfully uploaded for your enjoyment. The way they make it is delicious, and it is actually decently priced.

2. Christian values. The place’s name is The Bean 3:16 for gosh sake. Its a great café owned by wonderful people who really are seeking to run an ethical and successful business. They make a habit of bringing in local performers (and some darn talented ones) just about every weekend, and everything just feels so homey there any time I go.

3. Great memories with great friends. I miss The Bean the most because of the times I spent there with some amazing people. Whether it was a well-written stand up routine by Sarah VandaVeer or a tightly woven melody plucked on Jared Pollard’s guitar, a night at The Bean was always a good one. I remember singing high harmonies to an Adele song just because I could and no one judged me for my ability (or lack thereof). The Bean is just a good place full of good people, and it should be the top coffee stop in Bolivar for a long time.

This all seems so random, but its okay. Its my blog and you can’t do anything about it. lol. But seriously, if you are ever in Southern Missouri and hankering for coffee and a family atmosphere, check it out. I don’t regret the hours spent there.

Here’s a link to their website:


For your enjoyment, a picture of a big mountain.

This is the picture of a mountain I got to climb. Well. The valley in between the two mountains was the place I hiked to. I am not crazy adventurous, but that was fun, and this is one of the best pictures I’ve ever taken. I hope you guys like it. The mountain is called the Shark tooth, and it is in Estes Park, Colorado. Nice little place. I may post pictures and other things sometimes to alleviate the stress of reading one of my long, rambling posts. So yeah. Mountains. Majesty. The whole nine yards. Image

The Koala I found in my default pictures file liked this poem. You might too.

So…I really am probably not very good at this, but what the hey! I told you I was going to write a poem for my next post. We’ll see how this goes. I call it “Memoirs of a dead Jedi.” Hopefully you all like it


There I was

laying half dead on the Mustafarian lava-beach

hacked to pieces by a man I thought the world of

my life was a lie from the start

the dark side totally occupies my heart

so what? yeah my Midichlorian count was high

I will forever regret becoming a Jedi

because now I am stuck in this stupid suit.

victim of high expectations

trapped in a cage of what could have been

and what will never be.

Padme is dead,

and so are my dreams of a hope and a future.

All I have is this suit. this big, painfully awkward suit.

Black and imposing,

both an ugly outfit and a vital part of me

keeping me alive

but killing me all at the same time

well, its safe to say I’m dead.

The part of me that loved and cared

the part of me that would have spared

a life

its all gone now.

the only realities I face are the what I’ve become and what I can still be.

I need to find hope somewhere,

maybe a light in a far off galaxy.

I hate him for what he did to me,

but because of him, now I see

the future, my power in full.

The dark side is where its at.

no if’s and’s or big hairy Wookie butts.

I hope for a future where I can find some sort of peace,

but for now I am a dead Jedi, roaming the universe

in search of something

A New Hope