The Koala I found in my default pictures file liked this poem. You might too.

So…I really am probably not very good at this, but what the hey! I told you I was going to write a poem for my next post. We’ll see how this goes. I call it “Memoirs of a dead Jedi.” Hopefully you all like it


There I was

laying half dead on the Mustafarian lava-beach

hacked to pieces by a man I thought the world of

my life was a lie from the start

the dark side totally occupies my heart

so what? yeah my Midichlorian count was high

I will forever regret becoming a Jedi

because now I am stuck in this stupid suit.

victim of high expectations

trapped in a cage of what could have been

and what will never be.

Padme is dead,

and so are my dreams of a hope and a future.

All I have is this suit. this big, painfully awkward suit.

Black and imposing,

both an ugly outfit and a vital part of me

keeping me alive

but killing me all at the same time

well, its safe to say I’m dead.

The part of me that loved and cared

the part of me that would have spared

a life

its all gone now.

the only realities I face are the what I’ve become and what I can still be.

I need to find hope somewhere,

maybe a light in a far off galaxy.

I hate him for what he did to me,

but because of him, now I see

the future, my power in full.

The dark side is where its at.

no if’s and’s or big hairy Wookie butts.

I hope for a future where I can find some sort of peace,

but for now I am a dead Jedi, roaming the universe

in search of something

A New Hope


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