Another poem-maybe I’m getting the hang of this?

I was thinking about my girlfriend the other day, as our anniversary just passed. I thought I’d write. Here is another poem I am considering sending in for publication in the ECU literary magazine, please give your feedback! I am still getting the hang of the poetry thing:




I love her

I think of her all the time

The way she loves, the way she can make a moment out of a subtle


She means the world to me but I don’t think she’ll understand the gravity

of it all.

Her red like roses lips, her diamond-shiny smile…it’s all beautiful.

The way she laughs: not loud, not too soft…just as it should be.

A cacophony of melodies singing straight from her beautiful


This girl, she’s perfect.

Perfectly passionate about those less fortunate,

About a God who provides,

One whose love she reflects like the moon does the sun.

She is also perfectly


And that’s why I love her so very much.

She is wonderful, and just what I need.

And best of all



She loves me


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